Brook Tacheff

"Imagine a fitness plan that aligns with YOUR schedule, lifestyle, budget and preferences."

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Hi, I’m Brook

Online Health and Fitness Coach

I am a Wife and the Mother of two amazing children. In 2015 I realized I would be nearing the end of my "stay-at-home Mom" status as my youngest child was headed off to elementary school.  So I began to dream and think about the next season for my life.  I love fitness for a variety of reasons and I love people,  so I began to think, “What it would take, how would I get there and what does that vision look like?” 

A short time later, I attended a Woman's Conference and it was there that the vision was made plain as day to me. I was going to combine my love for people and love for fitness.

Since this vision, I studied fervently and finalized my dream of becoming an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist, Youth Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and became CPR/AED Certified. February 2016, 3Ftraining, Mobile Personal Training, was launched! From that point on I have had the privilege of training incredible people. Leading each of them on their unique fitness journey has been inspiring to say the least!


Now fast forward to 2022, change is in the air! 3Ftraining made a huge shift. I have taken my years of invaluable experience and knowledge to create a personal online coaching experience.


In a nutshell, my coaching offers it all! Custom routines, affordability,  flexible scheduling,  convenience and most importantly a personal touch. I focus on customization, tailoring and constant communication. In my experience the personal touch, is the game-changer!

Introducing 3Ftraining

3Ftraining is a Private Personal Online Coaching and Consulting Business aimed towards empowering people to break barriers limiting their full potential. To gain a perspective beyond what they hear, see, and even say about themselves. I strive to motivate others to see themselves for who they truly are, strong and wonderfully made! An individuals health and fitness journey should be unique to them. It should be tailored around their personality, schedule and lifestyle. What is attainable and can be executed consistently will produce change.

I have extensive experience in:

-Exercise technique and form
-Custom workout plan creation for individuals and groups
-Overall wellness behavior change
-Fitness plan adherence and goal
setting techniques


"Say NO to cookie cutter plans, deprivation style diets, "no pain no gain" slogans and guilt your way to your goals! Say YES to a customized plan, balanced nutrient-rich eating, enjoyable exercises that you want to consistently do and grace for the tough days!" -Brook

I have extensive experience training and coaching:


Enrichment Classes

Personal Training

Online Coaching


Fitness Training

Group Training

Perpective Reminder...

"If your goal or vision is to look like another person. Please reconsider! Grow into YOUR strongest and healthiest. You have always and will always be Wonderfully made."


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Owner/Certified Personal Trainer