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When I finally ripped off the labels & faced my fears!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

How I ripped off my self-inflicted labels and how becoming a Trainer did just that. I did not get into fitness training due to a physical transformation or an athletic career like some. My why, is a personal one, one that broke major barriers in my life. I have always been an active person with a general interest in physical fitness with ok nutritional habits. Where I struggled was in my thought life; self-image, body-image, comparison game, self-worth and self-confidence. As young as I can remember I struggled with academics, it always seemed extremely challenging to me, which in turn led me to placing false labels on myself "the dumb twin" and "not good enough". I became a prisoner to those labels and lies for many years. So much so, I never pushed myself to excel because I was convinced I would fail. That mindset dictated my life until the ripe age of 35. My "stay at home mom" status of 7 years had been fulfilled, my kids were off to school and the opportunity to start a new season opened up. So after months of prayer and seeking the Lord for the next season in my life, He made it plain as day to me! Study to become a Certified Personal Trainer and launch a fitness training biz. What!?! This was so exciting to me, so naturally I began to talk myself out of it because I would fail at it like usual. The challenge was to big and scary. How could I all of a sudden crush an academic goal when I never had? Fear was dictating my mindset, like usual. I was a slave to fear. Dang it! Enough was enough! Two things happened, I began to let my my mind and heart heal from my self-inflicted negative thoughts and labels that I placed on myself and I faced my fear of failure and inadequacies. I began with filling my mind with truth regularly. I chose Bible verses. I believe the Lord created each of us wonderfully and made beautiful plans for each one of us. I wanted that plan and was confident the Lord would enable me to crush it! Filling my mind with truth flushed out the lies and the labels. Second, I had to make the decision to face my fear. I had a choice, face it for the first time or run away like usual. I chose to take a leap of faith! Where my life transformation happened was in the process and decision to face my life long fear. The process in becoming a Trainer and launching my business was extremely challenging and life changing at the same time. I would do it over and over again because those challenges and opportunities to persevere made me stronger, more confident and ripped off those labels I gave myself. No longer a "dumb twin" and " not good enough"! All glory to the Lord. He knew what was best for me and He knows what is best for You. Seek the Lord. Also bring your family and friends in on it too, the support is immeasurable. What fear are you facing? What lie or label do you want freedom from? Whether it is physical or mental I encourage you to take a leap of faith, start your journey and never look back! Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your story.

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