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When I found Freedom.

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Our Self-concept, the perception of yourself, is incredibly influenced by so many factors through life. For me personally, I went thru many seasons of life when I desired so badly to look like or be like someone else. Feeling insignificant and not enough was the norm. Chasing lies instead of embracing truths. Comparing my personality and my looks until I was so dissatisfied that I made unhealthy choices, meditated on damaging thoughts and eventually lost complete sight of who and how the Lord created me to be. I was fueled by lies, lust, fears and heartache all masked under a superficial smile. Externally I was happy and joyful although internally I was a crashing ocean of emotions. This went on for years until my heart and mind were renewed and my body became healthy as a by-product.

My road to freedom occurred in my early 20’s. I was attending a christian church for a while, listening to the messages and my heart was pricked by the Holy Spirit and I surrendered my heart to Jesus. It was that moment I began a relationship with Him. Everything changed, not all at once but things started to change. My mind and my heart were healing. I found what I had always been looking for...emotional freedom.

It was a process and life was not w/o struggles, but a hope developed that was never there before and a peace that surpasses all understanding was available. My self-worth and identity was drastically renewed and I began to see myself as He does...Wonderfully made. Seeing myself as enough and loved motivated me to pursue self-care. I believe our actions and reactions are impacted by our mindset. Daily, I did and still do diligently replace lies with truths! Set your mind on truths and you will walk victoriously. Set your mind on lies and you will walk in bondage. I have learned to extend myself grace in moments of weakness, look to Jesus for wisdom and maintain a growth mindset.

Let's chat about my physical body. Honestly, I completely neglected it. I ate and drank like an animal and lacked self-control in so many areas. I believe my fatigue, depression and low energy were directly related to how I was treating my body. This is why it is so important to fuel your body with nutrient rich foods and regular physical activity. They are the game-changers!

If I were to compare my physical wellness then to now, I would not even recognize myself. The benefits are insane; clearer memory, healthier skin, better sleep, way less stress, more energy and healthier physique. My favorite mode of exercise is weight training. I tell my husband that I go into the gym feeling like the Hulk and leave feeling like Mary Poppins. Find what you enjoy and dive in! Regarding nutrition, if it were up to me I would eat at a buffet daily. I am a legit foodie! However, eating in excess and most of them being low quality calories leads to a plethora of unhealthy responses in our body and mind. Through slow habit tweaks and creating new habits, my eating regimen became one that fueled my body and mind. The best part is how I feel physically and mentally. I tell my clients if you eat 90% of the time nutrient rich, you can still have a buffet here and there.

For me, my freedom started in my spirit and mind then trickled into my body and actions. I wholeheartedly believe we must nurture all three parts; mind, spirit and body. When all aspects are fed and cared for anything is possible! You are worth it and valuable!

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