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Strive to Strengthen your body not shrink it.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Why I will promote strengthening your body over shrinking it. My heart in training clients is to guide them towards breaking barriers limiting their full potential. To gain a perspective beyond what they hear, see, and even say about themselves. I strive to motivate others to see themselves for who they truly are, strong and wonderfully made! To work towards strengthening their body instead of shrinking it. My goal is to kick start a health journey in a simplified manner tweaking habits and encouraging new behaviors through growing the mind, body and spirit. We work together to find what compliments your personality and lifestyle while saying NO to quick fixes, extreme diets and "all or none" habits. I say, lets shout YES to grace, perseverance, consistency, accountability, motivation, planning and fun! This world is saturated in labels and lies and filled with promiscuous and provocative portrayal of one self. In my opinion that is not healthy and can lead to many unhealthy behaviors. Instead seek modesty and strength. Reveal your heart and behavior. Show off your awesome fitness journey to a stronger and healthy you! Show yourself self-love! I encourage you to seek a fitness journey to grow stronger and healthier. Not to look like someone else or to punish yourself. Exercise should be a celebration of what you can do and a means to adding to your already amazing body. You are and always have been wonderfully made. You are enough!

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