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Word on the street...

"What a wonderful class we had with Brook! Her energy was great! She is knowledgeable and caring and it shows! We had fun the entire time! It kept us moving and engaged, all while laughing and learning! I highly recommend her!" -Lisa C.

"The mypthub app is my first experience with online fitness and i have been very impressed. The app offer workouts, a place to log nutrition, and social aspect to keep you motivated.  The online coach, Brook, customizes your workouts to reflect your exercise needs. Her check ins help create a more personal touch to the app. I highly recommend this service."- Jen H.

"I want to give a big ol' shout out to my friend Brook! She came to my home every week for a month, brought me a new work out and showed me how to do it. She was really knowledgeable in every aspect of her business. Showed me modifications for exercises that I needed, and ways to increase the intensity as I get stronger. She is always quick to respond if I have any questions too (by text, email, etc)! I would HIGHLY recommend her to help you with your fitness needs! I will be contacting her again to continue with my training! Thank you Brook!! " -Kim S.

"I have 3Ftraining come to my house to train me each week since April. Brook is very professional and motivating. She's positive without being annoyingly so. She tailors each workout for my specific needs. She also listens to my struggles and helps without being judgmental. She even texts friendly exercise reminders to me throughout the week so I stay on track. We just started working on nutrition together. She suggested an online food journal that she'll check to keep me accountable. She texts me a Bible verse each week that helps me with motivation but she doesn't push it on me. I feel so much stronger and happier since hiring her." -Jess B.

"We have had the privilege of having Brooke come to our house for PE with the kids once a week.  After the first week, the kids declared that was their favorite part of the week.  And every since then, they look forward to her coming every week.  She always has such fun games for them planned but also teaches them about health and wellness at the same time.  She also does one on one training with my 13yr old and that has been the highlight of my daughter's week.  She feels strong, confident, and is learning about how to fuel her body properly.  Brooke has also become someone my daughter can confide in, and Brook has been so encouraging to her.  If you are looking for an amazing partner to come alongside you and help you with health and wellness goals, Brooke is the one!" - Dilenna

"Brook has been my personal trainer for over a year and she is amazing!  She is very patient and encouraging!  She is also knowledgeable about women over 50 and how our bodies change as we age." - Kim W.

"She did a circuit training in my yard. I did step ups on a boulder, push ups against my patio railing, ran up the steps and power walked my driveway. My daughter the personal trainer, starts you where you're at and with the resources you have. So sore and so proud of her, she is awesome, positive, enthusiastic, up beat and a motivator." -Dar

"Brook knows just how to motivate! She brought fun and interesting activities that kept my young teens engaged and excited to challenge themselves. They made great progress and continue to strive thanks to Brook! I would highly recommend 3Ftraining for your family!" -Kelly 

"Brooke is an awesome instructor. She is very motivating and positive. I did her boot-camp and was impressed with all of her knowledge and creativity. I look forward to the next boot-camp and would recommend her to everyone. Thanks a ton!!!" -Traci 

I’ve always been very active and have tried to eat as healthy as I could while being a mom, wife and business owner. I did pretty good on my own for a lot of years. As I approached 50 I noticed it just became harder and harder to see results and stay fit.In August, I hired Brook to help me reach a few goals I had set for myself. 4 months later, I am thrilled to report I’m more fit and healthier than I have been in years! With Brook’s help, I was able to create a workout and nutrition plan that I could actually maintain while still being able to enjoy foods and activities that I love. Brooks constant support and encouragement have helped me power through on hard days and celebrate my accomplishments. Today I’m happy to report I’m down almost 12 lbs, I’ve gained an inch of bicep muscle and I’m down an inch and a half from my hips. More importantly, I feel amazing, don’t feel sluggish and a friend recently told me my skin was radiant.I couldn’t have done it without Brook. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a healthy and positive change in their life. Love you Brook! - Lana B.

"Brooke is amazing! She was so great with my children!! Super kind, super goofy, always encouraging and supportive. She always rolled with the flow, even letting my 2 year old join in the fun. If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable and pretty stinking awesome fitness coach for your kids...WHO WILL COME TO YOUR HOME!!!...look no further. You wont find anyone better than Coach Brooke!!" 5 stars, highest recommendations!! -Lisa S.

Brook is amazing!!!! She is extremely knowledgeable and pushes you in such a great way! I highly recommend her trainings!!! -Lindsey O.

"Thank you Brook with 3Ftraining!! I have been too busy to go to the gym and had been slacking with my nutrition goals. So she gave me an online/app routine that helped me with my nutrition, gave specific workout plans for me, and kept me accountable by doing daily check ins. This has definitely been a more realistic way to meet my summer goals!!" Thanks Brook

"Brook from 3Ftraining is great! She is super motivating and helpful.
I love the online coaching program. It is flexible and easy to follow."

I have always been very active (soccer, running, hiking and gym (weights) couple times a week). Then covid-19 hit and life just sorta stopped. I reached out

Brook Tacheff since she was doing training virtually (videos on workouts at home and lots of posts about nutrition). I needed help and accountability with restructuring my fitness routine and nutrition. I love all of the workouts. She has spent a ton of time looking at what equipment I have at home (weights & resistance bands) and has personalized my training plan so it works easily in my schedule. I love all of the daily encouragement and accountability for workouts and nutrition. She celebrates all of the victories with me...even when they are very small. Very appreciative of all of her positive and encouraging words and her helping me to set realistic and achievable goals. I am feeling much stronger physically and mentally too. I highly recommend Brook. She is always available for questions about workouts/diet and constantly providing me with feedback and providing positive support. -Cindy O.

Why 3Ftraining

Suitable for All Levels. Come as you are!



Your personal Cheerleader. Here to Support and 

Guide you.

Strength is the name of the game!

I care for the Whole Person. Body, Mind, Spirit.

Professional ACE Certified Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise, Youth Fitness Specialist.


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